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Kaj Filter Co. is the manufacturer of KAF Heavy Vehicles' Air Filter, KLF Light Vehicles' Oil Filter, KLF Heavy Vehicles' Oil Filter, KHF Hydraulic Filters, KGF Gas Filters, KFF Fuel Filters, KFF Separator Filters and KWF Water Filters in the country.

The company manufactures more than 200 different products in an area of about 10270 square meters and with about 300 personnels. Kaj Filter Co. has proudly obtained quality management system certificates of ISO9002 (ISO 9001) from DQS, Germany, and IQnet for the manufacture of different light vehicles filters, heavy vehicles filters, industrial filters (such as Petroleum, gas, cement, steel, marine) , etc.

Kaj Filter Co. has been the most influential company in developing filter's national standard regulation in Iran and pioneer in manufacturing filters which need particular technical knowledge.

Continuous collaboration in formulating national standards, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of filter testing machines for the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI), employing highly specialised and expert personnel in various sectors, investing in development and optimization of filter production lines, establishing design and development unit to mechanize the production lines, offering customer service, Exclusive supplier of particular filters for several reputable companies and procurement of raw material from highly reputable foreign sources, are all the factors and reasons which have caused the considerable distinction of Kaj Filters Co. from other similar companies.

Roozbeh Kavianpour, Chief Executive Officer and a partner at Kaj Filter, is a graduate of Civil Engineering in 1976 from Tehran University and has had a continuous cooperation with Institute of Standards & International Research of Iran (ISIRI) in order to establish National Standards and Testing Equipments to improve the quality of Iranian filter manufacturing companies' products.

Mohammad Naseri is the Chairman of the Board and a partner at Kaj Filters. He has also been nominated as the chairman of Iranian Filter Manufacturers for several years.

Elnaz Naseri is the Director of Commerce and a shareholder at Kaj Filters. She has received her bachelor degree at Boston University and her MBA at European Business School London.

Product Catalogue
Oil filter for 10-cylinders spring Benz 2626, 2628, 2635, 305 buses, Benz truck 402
Liebherr bucket PR751 ، PR731, Liebherr AR912 internal air filter
Nissan 2000 and Van Ghazal oil filter
New valved 911, Man short gas engine, - liebherr 731 oil filter
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