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Kaj Filter Co., the manufacturer of KAF Heavy Vehicles' Air Filters, KLF Light Vehicles' Oil Filters, KLF Heavy Vehicles' Oil Filters, KHF Hydraulic Filters, KGF Gas Filters, KFF Fuel & Gas Oil Filters, KFS Separator Filters and KWF Water Filters, distributes its products throughout the country. The company has established several sales representatives throughout Iran to facilitate the customers' access to its products. Kaj Filter sales representatives are offered alphabetically according to the name of the representative as follows:

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Product Catalogue
Volvo FH12 by-pass, Internash, B7R Buses, Volvo Runiran oil filter
Volvo loader L90, L120, gearbox filter
Peugeot 206 air filter
Benz 355 (Modified) oil filter
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