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Research and Development Unit

To determine the appropriate structure of R & D units in factories, we should first pay attention to the responsibilities and the main mission of this unit in the factory. The primary role of Kaj Filter's R & D unit is designing new filters.

This unit produces superior products by conducting R & D activities in a bilateral exchange with other production factors. Hence, production of superior products leads to higher efficiency of production factors.

In line with R & D unit, certain measures are taken at every stage; on the other hand, R & D unit structure is also compatible with the measures taken at every stage.

The R & D unit of Kaj Filter Company, based on the need of production line, has put study, designing and manufacturing of filter production machinery on its agenda. The aforementioned need is considered so as to reduce human resources while increasing the pace and quality of products. After initial studies and investigations for making new machinery, the first priority would be technical and economic justification of the plan.

Designing and manufacturing specific filters are also sometimes one of the executive responsibilities of this dynamic unit.

Product Catalogue
Duits long oil filter, liebherr machanical shovel 922A, 912A / R, dynapac roller CA25
Hydraulic filter 950
Komatsu primary and secondary with discharge valve, D85, W120, W90, D355, D155 fuel oil filter
Gol oil filter
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