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KAF Light Vehicles' Air Filter

As the cities grow larger and the pollution increases, and sensitivity of mechanical parts of the running engine on the other hand, make the demand to air filter and entrance of pure air to combustion chamber more than ever. Internal combustion engines' air filters, actually prevent from the entrance of harmful contaminations which endanger the health of some of the car parts including rings, cylinder walls and ball bearings. Kaj Filter Co. has embarked on manufacturing and selling different filters such as KAF light vehicles' air filters to meet this need of customers.

RowCode Description
1KAF44Old Renault air filter
2KAF45-1Mitsubishi L200 van air filter
3KAF385 four-cylinder Nissan Patrol air filter
4KAF1705Nissan 2000 air filter
5KAF1772/HHyundai Excel air filter
6KAF1780 six-cylinder Nissan Patrol air filter
7KAFXX10Pride air filter
8KAFYX50Injector-type Pride air filter
9KAFYX66Peugeot 206 air filter
10KAFYX69Peugeot 206 SD air filter
11KAFYX80Mercedes-Benz Elegance air filter
12KAFYX90Peugeot Pars and Samand air filter
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