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KLF Light Vehicles' Oil Filter

Reduction of depreciation and the great heat of car engine is only possible through continual lubrication of the internal parts of the engine. Purity of engine oil is a quite significant factor which promotes the longevity of the engine.

Contaminants such as metal particles resulting from abrasion, soot, external impurities, etc. lead to abrasion of moving parts of the engine and gradually block the oil path and severely damage the engine. This issue greatly illuminates the necessity for using a high quality oil filter. Kaj Filter is the leading manufacturer of different KLF Light Vehicles' oil filters using the best material and the highest quality.
RowCode Description
1KLF653Chevrolet long oil filter
2KLF655 Four cylinders Patrol short oil filter
3KLF689Paykan oil filter
4KLF716Mazda 1600 oil filter
5KLF780Cielo oil filter
6KLF785Gol oil filter
7KLF798Renault 21 oil filter Peugeot Paykan
8KLF3324Six cylinder Nissan Patrol oil filter
9KLF3334Nissan 2000 and Van Ghazal oil filter
10KLF3338Matiz oil filter
11KLF3403New Pride oil filter
12KLF3435 Four cylinder Nissan Patrol oil filter
13KLF3462Verna oil filter
14KLF3537Pride, van L200, 1993 Lancer & Galant oil filter
15KLF3624Peugeot 405 , Pars and Samand oil filter
16KLF3692Nissan Maxima and Mazda F323-GLX , Nissan pickup, Mazda 2000 oil filter
17KLF4012Renault 5 oil filter
18KLF4015-1Iran Chevrolet 2500 & 2800, Audi oil filter
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Secondary Internash fuel oil filter
Nissan Maxima and Mazda F323-GLX , Nissan pickup, Mazda 2000 oil filter
Massey Ferguson tractor Model 816 oil filter
internal air filter of Shahab Renault's Diesel
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