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Although Fuel has many advantages and benefits, its pollution is inevitable. Neglecting polluted zones or zones which are exposed to pollution causes irreparable damages to environment health in many cases. The contamination that the fuel absorbs leads to erosion of the machines which use such fuel.

Kaj Filter, to enhance the efficiency of these machines, has launched the manufacture of fuel filters and different types of separators (separator of water from gas oil). To burn the fuel in engines oxygen is needed.

The main role of separator filters is separation of the particles and impurities from fluid. The impurities in the path damage the system and prevent from its proper and efficient function. For instance, using a moisture air filter downwind prevents from ingression of moisture to the pneumatic system's path and avoids corrosion of the metal accessories due to moisture penetration into the system. Needless to say that replacing the filter at the appropriate time, according to the installation instruction is necessary for proper function of the filter.
RowCode Description
1KFF146Benz minibuses Khavar 608, 808, 609 and 6128 paper fuel oil filter
2KFF147Benz buses 1924, 1921, 911, 2628, 355 and 2624, Ikarus buses paper fuel oil filter
3KFF167Massey Ferguson tractors 240, 285 and Romanian tractor short fuel oil filter
4KFF167AMassey Ferguson tractor MF399 fuel oil filter
5KFF171Mack secondary fuel oil filter
6KFF172Mack primary fuel oil filter
7KFF185Caterpillar fuel filter, 3306, 14G, 966C, dynapac roller Clean Roller CA25
8KFF185-1Bus B7R (Runiran) fuel filter
9KFF192Primary Internash, loader 540, 560, and bulldozer TD15C and TD25E fuel oil filter
10KFF194Dangfeng dredger, mechanical shovels intake 7-220
11KFF202Komenz fuel oil filter
12KFF203John Deere glass body fuel oil filter
13KFF209Secondary Internash fuel oil filter
14KFF211Catrepillar grader fuel oil filter A102
15KFF215Iveco minibus, bucket 912, 932, Howo fuel oil filter
16KFF216Volvo loader L90, L120, 4400, 4500 and Volvo BM fuel oil filter
17KFF231Short seven-ton round gasket Daf fuel oil filter
18KFF232Komatsu primary and secondary with discharge valve, D85, W120, W90, D355, D155 fuel oil filter
19KFF1280Primary fuel oil filter (bottom twist) for Kavian truck K110, K108, K106
20KFF4033Benz bus and truck felt fuel filter for the models of 1924, 1921, 2624, 911
21KFF4052Massey Ferguson tractor Model 285 fuel oil filter
22KFF4070Long ten-tons Daf fuel oil filter (middle-gasket)
23KFF4141Benz & minibus 305, Khavar 608, 808, 609 and 6128 felt fuel oil filter
24KFF5018Fuel oil filter of Volvo, Scania, Internash, Daynapac Roller CA25
25KFF5039Fuel oil filter of Iveco truck and primary filter of loader FR20 , FR15
26KFF5052Secondary fuel filter of Kavian truck K110, K108, K106 models
27KFF5065Iveco felt fuel oil filter+C189
28KFF5108Isuzu NPR fuel oil filter
29KFF5114Isuzu NPR fuel filter
30KFF5334Komatsu 90 (6120, 71, 6131) fuel oil filter
31KFF5405C457, Mercedes-Benz Actros Fuel oil filter
32KFF5507Volvo FH12 fuel oil filter
33KFFYX10Hyundai cruise minibus fuel oil filter
34KFFYX14Ikarus fuel oil filter
35KFFYX22Pegeute 206 gasoline filter
36KFFYX23Alstom fuel filter
37KFFYX24Mahindra tractors 585, 6000 fuel filter
38KFS19735Volvo A222FH12 water-trapper filter
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