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Considering the great sensitivity of hydraulic systems that generally have the task of supplying the pressure, and given the sensitivity of hydraulic complex parts, particles and impurities could do serious damages to hydraulic systems. As a result, such systems need a very careful filtration. The high cost of hydraulic parts urges the hydraulic filters to be changed at their appropriate time. Kaj Filter by manufacturing hydraulic filters has provided the chance to use superior quality oxygen for hydraulic vehicles.
RowCode Description
1KHF6084Komatsu Grader GD505 - GD705R (Element), Dumper HD200 gearbox filter
2KHF6090 Komatsu GD505 - GD705R - 2 hydraulic filter
3KHF6097Grader 950 hydraulic filter
4KHF6098Hydraulic filter 950
5KHF6100Lift truck (crane) hydraulic filter
6KHF6101Komatsu bulldozer D155, D85 hydraulic filter
7KHF6141Volvo loader 4500, 4400 and Volvo BM gearbox filter
8KHF6151Internash loader gearbox filter, Caterpillar hydraulic filter
9KHF6162Hydrulic filter of Scania steering wheel, Mercedes-Benz 305, 360, Daf truck, and steering wheel hydraulic 355, MAN, Shahab and 457
10KHF6163Roller CA25 hydraulic filter
11KHF6177Compressor UCC hydraulic filter
12KHF6182Volvo loader L90, L120, 4400, 4500 hydraulic filter
13KHF6197Komatsu Grader GD705 and GD40 gearbox filter
14KHF6243Loader FR15, FR20 gearbox filter
15KHF6247Hydraulic filter of Liebherr bucket 912A, R
16KHF6311Harvester hydraulic filter
17KHF6319Hydraulic filter of bucket PC200, PC220
18KHF6332Gearbox filter of Komatsu loader W120, W90, WA400
19KHF6337Romania hydraulic filter
20KHF6356Hydraulic filter for Komatsu D355W120 , W90 , WA400 and Dumpr HD320
21KHF6449Fevit transmission oil filter, the new design of Ikarus
22KHF6720Twenty microns Daynapac roller CA25 hydraulic filter
23KHF7066Volvo loader L90, L120, gearbox filter
24KHF8084Massey Ferguson tractor 8160 gearbox filter
25KHF28812Massey Ferguson tractor 399 hydraulic filter
26KHFXX1Daewoo Lift truck hydraulic filter
27KHFYX10Grader 705A - 4 hydraulic filter
28KHFYX20Massey Ferguson tractor model 285 steering wheel pump's filter
29KHFYX25Mahindra truck 585 hydraulic filter
30KHFYX26Mahindra truck 6000 hydraulic filter
31KHFYX29Hydrophone hydraulic filter
32KHFYX30Massey Ferguson tractor Model 285 hydraulic filter
33KHFYX31Tractor 399 hydraulic filter
34KHFYX40Compressor hydraulic filter
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Grader 705A - 4 hydraulic filter
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