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Kaj Filter is the manufacturer of KAF Heavy Vehicles' Air Filters. Economic and maintenance conditions of car determine the rate of particles absorption of the air filter. Nowadays, thanks to the great advances made, air filters can filter up to about 99.8 percent of the entered air in appropriate conditions. To test the air filters they undergo dynamic conditions and their resistance against puncture, chemicals and quick passage of wet streams is tested.

As the company uses the premium raw material and highest technology available in the world, it has achieved a remarkable competing capability in the country. All the products of the company are manufactured and marketed according to the national standard of Iran and the company has proudly obtained ISO 9001-2008 Certificate by raising the general level of quality standards.
RowCode Description
1KAF349MExternal air filter of Daynapac roller CA25
2KAF409MDroger Estafett cabin's ventilation filter
3KAF418MPrimary air filter of Fiat loader FR15
4KAF424MPrimary air filter of Screw vipro nguard
5KAF434KMExternal air filter of Bucket A/R912
6KAF471MInternal air filter of Estafette harvester
7KAF472-1External air filter of Estafette harvester
8KAF490MSecondary air filter of Fiat loader FR15
9KAF804MInternal air filter of Bucket A / R 912
10KAF820MScrew vipro nguard secondary air filter
11KAF852Mack 500 air filter
12KAF875MPrimary air filter of1616 Caterpillar Bulldozer D8 and+C249N16
13KAF876Caterpillar Grader and Bulldozer D8 & N16 secondary air filter
14KAF959Secondary air filter of Grader D6, H G14
15KAF971Bus 302 and 360 air filter
16KAF978Air Filter of Mercedes Benz Trailer 305 , Benz 8 cylinder
17KAF1791Internal air filter for Komatsu D355, D155, D85
18KAF1802MAN CNG air filter
19KAF1841Loader 4400, 4500, L120 and L90 internal felt air filter (john Deere, Ikarus and Atlas Copco)
20KAF1843Volvo 4500, L120 internal felt air filter (Ikarus, Iveco, John Deere), Ikarus two-cabins ventilator
21KAF1900MGM compressor air filter
22KAF1904MGrader 705A-4 internal air filter
23KAF1905MGrader 705A-4 external air filter
24KAF1929Liebherr bucket PR751 ، PR731, Liebherr AR912 internal air filter
25KAF1980Bob Cat felt air filter
26KAF4058John Deere 3350 tractor (4 Cylinders) external air C267filter
27KAF4060External air filter for Loader Volvo 4400, 4500, L120
28KAF4069External air filter for Volvo loader 4400 and L90, single cabin Ikarus normal buses and Atlas Copco
29KAF4100Volvo Penta air filter
30KAF4112Leyland loader (10937118) PC220 air filter
31KAF4158Grader 705A-2 secondary air filter
32KAF4159Grader 705A-2 primary air filter
33KAF4503IVECO truck, MAN CNG external air filter
34KAF4504MKomatsu D85, D155, D355, Loader W90, W120, L120, L90, bucket PC200-5, PC220-5, external air filter
35KAF4504M1External air filter for Komatsu 155 with screw
36KAF4523IVECO truck, MAN CNG internal felt air filter
37KAF4550External air filter for Volvo F12 truck
38KAF4552Volvo F12 truck (old 639 ) internal air filter
39KAF4560NL12 truck , Volvo bus B7R Runiran external air filter
40KAF4564KMJohn Deere 3140 (6 cylinders) external air filter
41KAF4626John Deere 3140 internal felt air filter
42KAF4630Scania truck 113 air filter
43KAF4644Internal air filter for Volvo N10, N12 secondary (old 645 )
44KAF4720Volvo N10, N12 external air filter
45KAF4867 internal air filter of Shahab Renault's Diesel
46KAF4895pneumatic pump's air filter
47KAF4927external air filter of Shahab Renault's Diesel
48KAF5068Ikarus dinamo air filter
49KAF8513MTU air filter
50KAF25062Mercedes-Benz C457 external air filter
51KAF25230Mercedes-Benz C457 internal air filter
52KAF25317Volvo FH12 internal air filter
53KAF25323Massey Ferguson external ventilator filter
54KAF25337MToyota small air filter
55KAF25352Toyota and John Deere tractor ERGOS ~ 95 large air filter
56KAF25356Massey Ferguson internal ventilator filter
57KAF25382Renault CNG air filter
58KAF25632Volvo FH12 external air filter
59KAF25268Kavian truck external air filter
60KAF25269Kavian truck internal air filter
61KAFXX70Fan intake air filter
62KAFYX11John Deere 3350 (4 cylinders) internal felt air filter
63KAFYX12GM Turbo Charge air filter
64KAFYX13GE Turbo Charge air filter
65KAFYX14Komatsu 420 external air filter
66KAFYX15Komatsu 420 internal air filter
67KAFYX17Alstom air filter
68KAFYX18ToyotaTunisie air filter
69KAFYX20Ingersoll Rand compressor external air filter
70KAFYX30Ingersoll Rand compressor internal air filter
71KAFYX43Mahindra truck 585 air filter
72KAFYX44Mahindra truck 6000 external air filter
73KAFYX45Mahindra truck 6000 internal air filter
74KAFYX100Hyundai cruise minibus air filter
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Bob Cat felt air filter
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Hydraulic filter of bucket PC200, PC220
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