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KLF Heavy Vehicles' Oil Filter

Kaj Filter is the leading manufacturer of Heavy Vehicle's oil filters with the famous brand of KLF.

Oil filter is placed in the intake path of oil to engine and in addition to maintaining the oil cleanliness in such conditions as initial starts in cold weather, high pressures caused by frequent reciprocations as well as the high temperature of the engine during long operations and high speeds leads to the high efficiency of the oil. Non-resistance against oil ingression, fine separation of particles, the ability to absorb most of the contaminants, tear resistance, efficient chamber, capability of suffering high pressures, firm sealing and having safety valve are some of the factors considered carefully by Kaj Filter in designing and manufacturing heavy vehicles' oil filter.
RowCode Description
1KLF580Fiat 131 and 132 and Sahand forklift oil filter
2KLF610Internash HEPCO TD25E, ID250 oil filter
3KLF632John Deere, Aria, Rambler, Ranchero tractor oil filter
4KLF667Mack truck's oil filter, Caterpillar 966C, 14 G, 3306, Mak, Shahab diesel oil
5KLF682Fiat 787, Allis Fiat , combine FR10-12, Allis-Chalmers oil filter
6KLF691Caterpillar Model 988B, D9N, D8N and 3406 oil filter
7KLF691ACaterpillar 16G oil filter
8KLF691A-1Ingersoll Rand compressor oil filter
9KLF695oil filter of Cooling systems
10KLF700Massey Ferguson MF240 tractor, Toyota Land Cruiser 2000 oil filter
11KLF701 285 Massey Ferguson tractor , Perkins, Nissan Patrol 6 cylinder, Range Rover 76
12KLF703bulldozer TD25 oil filter
13KLF747Two-step Komatsu D85-D155-D355-705A4-PC220-PC200
14KLF747NEWKomatsu D355, D155, D85 and primary Internash and dump truck HD320
15KLF756New minibuses, Daf (7 ton) and Mercedes Benz 2624, 2628, 1921
16KLF777B7R (Runiran's) auxiliary , Volvo auxiliary, Internash secondary oil filter
17KLF787Perkins 6 cylinder engines, Budsan truck, Massey Ferguson tractor MF399
18KLF3000Komenz, Shahab-Khodro buses (Komenz engine ) oil filter
19KLF3317John Deere trucks, models (4450 – 4955), Scraper trucks auxiliary oil filter
20KLF3320New valved 911, Man short gas engine, - liebherr 731 oil filter
21KLF3321Volvo FH12 main flow oil filter , long N10, N12,Super Turbo Charger long Volvo
22KLF3327Oil filter for 10-cylinders spring Benz 2626, 2628, 2635, 305 buses, Benz truck 402
23KLF3345Kavian truck K100, K108, K106 models oil filter
24KLF3346Fiat 755 and Fiat Aliis 235 ground engine, Fiat Albern FR15 oil filter
25KLF3347Fiat OM tractor minibuses , Shahab's fan oil filter
26KLF3349Hyundai bucket (Komenz engine ) oil filter
27KLF3350New ten-ton Benz 2624, 2628, 1921 oil filter
28KLF3357Old ten-ton Benz, old 911, bus 360,302, Benz 1921 oil filter
29KLF3362Komatsu Loader W90, W120, WA400, Grader GD505, mechanical shovels PC200
30KLF3376Scania 112 and113 super charger oil filter
31KLF3416Shahab Renault centrifugal oil filter
32KLF3458Caterpillar model 3519 oil filter
33KLF3594Iveco truck oil filter
34KLF3637Komatsu Daewoo oil filter
35KLF3654Volvo FH12 by-pass, Internash, B7R Buses, Volvo Runiran oil filter
36KLF3675Volvo FH12 main stream with long life oil filter
37KLF3746Tractor (case) oil filter , thermocouple of bus cooler , Daewoo Forklifts oil filters
38KLF3775Old Khavar oil filter
39KLF3782Massey Ferguson tractor Model 816 oil filter
40KLF3795Bob Cat oil filter
41KLF3854Isuzu NPR oil filter
42KLF4017Volvo short oil filter -N12, N10, Volvo 4400 , bus Makerus buses
43KLF4045GM engine's oil filter (GM locomotives), oil filter of GM diesels of Ahvaz steel complex
44KLF4054Duits long oil filter, liebherr machanical shovel 922A, 912A / R, dynapac roller CA25
45KLF4056Short Duits model F6L912, New Land Rovers oil filter
46KLF4093short oil filter of GM Turbo Charge (railway)
47KLF4094 long oil filter of GM Turbo Charge (eight-filter)
48KLF4154Duits medium oil filter
49KLF5500Komatsu Romania tractor oil filter
50KLF9009Komenz new oil filter (fibreglass paper), Dongfeng Nissan-Diesel oil filter
51KLF16046Axor oil filter
52KLFXX1Daewoo shovel spring Benz medium oil filter
53KLFYX10Tractor model 8160 oil filter
54KLFYX12Benz 355 (Modified) oil filter
55KLFYX15Amico oil filter
56KLFYX16Compressor oil filter
57KLFYX17Alstom oil filter
58KLFYX18THERMO KING 11-7382 oil filter+C132
59KLFYX19GE oil filter
60KLFYX20Hyundai cruise minibus big oil filter
61KLFYX30Hyundai cruise minibus small oil filter
62KLFYX31Mahindra tractors 585, 6000 oil filter
63KLFYX34ISUZU NKR oil filter
Product Catalogue
short oil filter of GM Turbo Charge (railway)
Short Duits model F6L912, New Land Rovers oil filter
Benz 355 (Modified) oil filter
Peugeot Pars and Samand air filter
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