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Although Fuel has many advantages and benefits, its pollution is inevitable. Neglecting polluted zones or zones which are exposed to pollution causes irreparable damages to environment health in many cases. The contamination that the fuel absorbs leads to erosion of the machines which use such fuel.

Kaj Filter, to enhance the efficiency of these machines, has launched the manufacture of fuel filters and different types of separators (separator of water from gas oil). To burn the fuel in engines oxygen is needed.

The main role of separator filters is separation of the particles and impurities from fluid. The impurities in the path damage the system and prevent from its proper and efficient function. For instance, using a moisture air filter downwind prevents from ingression of moisture to the pneumatic system's path and avoids corrosion of the metal accessories due to moisture penetration into the system. Needless to say that replacing the filter at the appropriate time, according to the installation instruction is necessary for proper function of the filter.
RowCode Description
1KWF2051Komatsu water filter
2KWF2054Fiat Allis FR15 water filter
3KWF2058Mack water filter
4KWF2096Volvo FH12 water filter
5KADYX1Moisture absorbing filter
Product Catalogue
Hyundai cruise minibus small oil filter
Leyland loader (10937118) PC220 air filter
Mahindra tractors 585, 6000 oil filter
Dangfeng dredger, mechanical shovels intake 7-220
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