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Quality Control Unit

Quality control department of Kaj Filter with the aim of achieving customers' satisfaction and to ensure the proper function of the filters according to the automotive and industrial standards, attempts to provide better services through improving the products quality, production of new filters needed by the market, considering customers' needs, demands and suggestions, as well as using an equipped laboratory to control the quality and performing parameters of the products, and by employing teamwork techniques and promoting self-controlling spirit in the production lines and direct supervision of the subcontractors of raw material and obliging them to improve their quality standards and analysis of customers' demands.

Kaj Filter Company currently has Iso 9001-2008 certificate and intends to move towards the new quality objective set by senior managers of the organization in the laboratory department and obtains the 17025 and ISO TS quality certificate in the whole organization. At the end, we deeply appreciate all the customers and colleagues who help us to achieve the goals of the company.

Product Catalogue
Nissan Maxima and Mazda F323-GLX , Nissan pickup, Mazda 2000 oil filter
ToyotaTunisie air filter
John Deere Tractor 3140.3350, 2040, 4230 hydraulic filter
Hydraulic filter for Komatsu D355W120 , W90 , WA400 and Dumpr HD320
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